5 Things To Know Before Moving To Evansville
While surfing Reddit recently, I came across the Evansville subreddit (r/evansville). Besides the usual griping that comes with social media, I noticed there were a lot of posts from people who are moving to Evansville and wanted info about the city...
A Message From Canada to the United States (surprisingly, NSFW)
With all the presidential debates going on, and the problems we've had in the news, Canada is concerned about us. So concerned, in fact, that we got a Canadian to cuss when remarking about how concerned they are. They have a few questions for us, and a few announcements to make.
Bobby G. and His Doppelganger [Watch]
What do you do when you and a co-worker look a lot alike? What any good set of twins does, you try to mess with people. That's what me and my buddy Travis decided to do. Did it work though?

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