America’s Oldest Brewery Now Available in Indiana!
My Grandma once told me about the empty white ceramic jugs, with lighting bolts on the side, that her mother sat out by the back door next to the stairs. Her mother often placed money under them and then overnight the jugs were filled with something she wasn't allowed to touch.
How to Make a Grilled Chizza
Last year at the Fall Festival I found my new favorite food: The Grilled Chizza. (Shout out to The Turning Point, Booth 121!) I quickly got addicted, and when Fall Fest was over I quickly got sad. But then, I put my thinking cap on and taught myself how to make them so I can enjoy them year-round.
Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Newburgh Now Open [MENU]
My husband and I live on the outskirts of Newburgh and we were discussing this past week that though it's a pretty happenin' place, there really aren't that many restaurant choices in the Newburgh area. Most places are fast-food or upscale so the middle of the road eateries are pretty scarce. But, …

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