Here’s the 2016 Owensboro Friday After 5 Schedule
For 20 years, downtown Owensboro has been helping residents wind down after a long work-work with their summer-long FREE Friday After 5 festival and concert series. If you've never been, plan on going because moreso now than ever, it's a GREAT time!
Sister Hazel Returns To Evansville on June 2nd (VIDEOS)
Back in the mid 1990's we started playing a song called "All For You" by Sister Hazel, a band out of Gainesville, FL.  The really cool thing is, and you might remember this, is that we brought them in for a 103GBF Club Show at The Duck Inn on Pollack (Now Closed)...
Mesker Park Music Festival May 28: #SaveMesker
Mesker Music Theater is in really bad shape as you can see on the Save Mesker Facebook page Lots of locals, including me want it renovated and back in working order.  Concerts, Philharmonic, Movies, all the good stuff we've experienced from the landmark venue...

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