I’ll Bet Your Pet Does Better Tricks Than Mine!
My pet...Harley the Hound From Hell really doesn't do any tricks, unless tearing down the mini blinds in the living room and eat a couple of my grand daughter Lyric's shoes count.   Harley if pretty typical of a one year old 80 lb. male dog...
Win a Man Cave Makeover!
Does your man cave say that a "really manly man" lives here, or does it give more of a cave man vibe?  We're here to help! We've got your chance to win a man cave makeover that will make all your friends jealous!
Tri-State Pet Talent Show [Contest]
Does your dog dance? Can your cat croon?  Bird break dance? Catch your awesome pet doing his or her talent on camera and you could win a $100 certificate from Pet’s First.

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