Bob & Tom

Bob & Tom Comedy Show Pre-Sale Happening Now!
103GBF presents the return of the Bob & Tom Comedy Show at the Victory Theatre on Saturday, October 5th. Tickets go on sale this Friday, but you can buy them RIGHT NOW during our special internet pre-sale.
This is your last week to WIN Bob and Tom’s Money!
Tough economy! Prices are high! Need some dough?
Bob and Tom want to Pay Your Bills!
Every weekday  listen to 103GBF to WIN CASH to pay bills or, blow it on what ever you want. After all, it’s your money!
103GBF gives you two chances each weekday to listen and win one thousand dollars...
Heywood Banks, Live at Jazzy Grooves Friday Night!
Friday night, check out Jazzy Grooves Comedy Club to see the GREAT Heywood Banks! You've heard him aplenty of the Bob and Tom Show on see him up close and personal at Jazzy Grooves Comedy Club at 217 Main Street in downtown Evansville...

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