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PG 2.0 – The Return of Red
I managed to get Red out of the house and to my favorite spot, PG, again. The first and only other time she went, some crazy chick drug her over over a speaker and nearly put her on the DL with a torn ACL.
The Bru Burger Bar Coming to Downtown Evansville
Evansville city officials are expected to announce today (Oct.12) that Indianapolis-based company is bringing a burger pub restaurant to the newly renovated historic Greyhound bus terminal, downtown, at at 102 NW 3rd St. Get more details!
Flaming Peanut Butter Burger? Why Not! [Watch]
I think I've stated before that I am not very adventurous when it comes to my food. I am also not very good with spicy food. So I was very surprised to find myself holding a "Flaming Peanut Butter Burger."

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