In the city of Evansville, a huge battle over City-County Reorganization is going on prior to the Nov. 6 election.

Two groups, representing the pro's and con's of the plan are on the warpath.  As a potential voter, you should know what's going on in this very politically charged debate.

C.O.R.E is Citizens Opposed to Reorganization of Evansville. CORE believes merging/consolidating the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County government means higher taxes; bigger government; no cost savings; loss of block grant money; less representation; more mayoral power; no financial planning; shuffling of offices; unfair voter count; and less service. Read more about their agenda here!

The opposition to C.O.R.E is Yes! Their philosophy is that a reorganized government will give all community residents a voice in civic matters, provide a cheaper and more efficient government, and give us a greater neighborhood voice. Ultimately, a unified government will provide our children with a better way of life. Read the Yes! plan here.

Ultimately Reorganization has an effect on things like emergency services, law enforcement, fire department, trash removal, water and sewer services, zoning, annexation and taxes to some extent.

Before you go vote on Nov. 6th take time to peruse these groups websites and be as informed as you can when making your decision regarding City-County Reorganization!