If you need some fresh new balls-out new music in your life then check out Bullet Saints!  The track "Hellbound" is straight up cut throat rock.

I spotlighted this track from Bullet Saints earlier in the year On Loudwire and did an interview with lead vocalist Tripp "Sinister" Tribbett.  Tripp is the younger brother of Greg Tribbett, the guitarist of metal bands Mudvayne and Hellyeah

I happen to think this song is great.  The video shows what sleaze rockers these guys are, proving that rock music these days may have gotten too clean and homogenized.

The video band lineup features Featuring Virus and Tripp from Dope and Twisted Method fame. Virus is currently the guitarist for Device when they perform live.

Bullet Saints are a no holds barred, kick-ass rock band from Nashville and their new single is starting to make waves in radio!. Bullet Saints are best described as Guns N' Roses for NASCAR fans.

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Label president and Saigon Kick member Jason Bieler said, "In a day and age where there are no real rockstars anymore... these guys come along and are so unapologetically over the top that we knew this would be something special. Plus at the root of it, "Hellbound" is a great rock song."

Is sure the hell is...so come on along, we're going "Hellbound"!