Who is Brandee White you ask? It's a name that you may start hearing more an more as she spreads her beautiful poison far and wide. Brandee is a former 103GBF Hometown Honey who has just created a Facebook page dedicated to her modeling career. I love to support local people in their efforts and I hope you will also, by giving Brandee's new FB page a "LIKE". Find it here.

A bit about Brandee in her own words...

"Hello Friends!! I have been modeling part time for quite ahwile now, and have decided it would be great to start a modeling page. In the past I have always used my facebook page for personal and networking. As time has passed I have met a lot of wonderful photographers, friends, and fans of the modeling industry. I love meeting new people who share the same desire in creating images that are unique"

Check out her page here for more images like these. Beautiful! I'm sorry my sponsor tag is in here thrice.  We are working on it.

Galleries by Hypnotiq Images and Walker Studios


103GBF's Brandee album on Photobucket