Check out this blast from the past. Its a Winston Cigarette commercial from the 50s.

The first print cigarette ad appeared in 1798, according to this handy article I found on Wikipedia. The last ad to appear on TV happened back in 1972 (cigarettes were banned, but ads for smokeless tobacco would continue to air until the 1980s).

Cigarette companies would even sponsor whole shows. In fact, Camel hosted the first news program from 1949 till 1956. The entire news cast featured the anchor smoking and a prominent ad behind him. They kept it classy like that.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but apparently using cartoon characters to promote cigarettes is frowned upon today. When I watch this cartoon, I just get the sudden urge to go mow a lawn.

I have to include this one as well, cause it's just plain funny now.