The first line of this blog was going to be something like, "I'll never understand why people continue to do ridiculous stunts like this." But then I realized that people do this kind of thing because they know I'll watch it, and maybe even blog about it. So read on if you want to see a dude get "annihilated."

There is really no rhyme or reason to's pretty much just a combination of some of the most horrible things you could think to do to yourself. So if I may, let me just run down what you are about to see...the process of annihilation.

  1. Rub some icy-hot type of substance on your testicles
  2. Take a shot of the hottest substance on earth
  3. Run over some mouse traps (barefoot of course)
  4. Run through a piece of plywood that has been set aflame
  5. Hit yourself in the nuts with a piece of wood
  6. Have a friend dowse your face with pepper spray
  7. Have some more friends shoot you up with paintballs
  8. Run through some light bulbs (fluorescent of course)
  9. And finally, have yet another friend shoot you with a taser (hopefully yours will shut off)

I guess maybe a better question than "why would someone do this" is "who the eff thought of this and was the first person to try it?" You can ponder that all you'd like, but just do it after you watch the video.