So call it coincidence, call it irony, or don't call it anything at all...but last night I received a copy of Jackass 3-D in the mail (thanks Netflix), after hearing the news that Jackass cast member Ryan Dunn had been killed in a car accident early Monday morning.

As I mentioned on the air, I have always been a big fan of the Jackass series and films. I've got Jackass 1 and 2, and I'm sure I'll buy the third film too. And if you're a fan of the first 2 films, I have no doubt you'll enjoy the third film as well.

I'm not sure why I enjoy the shows so much either. Maybe it's because those guys do stuff that I would never even imagine doing myself. Or maybe it's not, no matter how crazy the stunt appears, they also seem to come out relatively unscathed. I think one of the main things I like about the show is the camaraderie between the guys. The unfiltered, genuine laughter and fun these guys have with each other is obvious, and it makes me laugh harder at some of their bits that otherwise may not have been that funny.

One of the cast members I enjoyed the most in Jackass 3-D is Steve-O. I recently saw his biography, and am really glad to see that the dude has turned his life around and has been clean and sober for a couple years now. Just knowing what he's been through and what he's overcome makes me enjoy his bits even more.

I also enjoy seeing Bam Margera get put in his place at least once a film. For some reason, in this film Bam decides to hold a little camera next to his junk and film himself peeing on just about every member of the cast. He also likes to ambush his cast mates with a bit he calls "Rocky". But in the end, Bam is forced to face one of his biggest fears...snakes. And it's kinda nice to see him reduced to a whiny little guy begging for the bit to stop.

Overall it's a good flick. Some good new stunts/pranks/bits. A lot of the same stuff you've come to expect from the Jackass franchise...vomit, poop, pee and male nudity. You do kinda get the feeling that this is the last movie these guys will make, especially after the death of Ryan Dunn. So, for a guy who has enjoyed the franchise for nearly 10 years, that kinda makes me sad.