At first I thought Here Comes The Boom was gonna be just another wacky Kevin James comedy, ya' know, just kinda blah. But then the trailer got my attention and made me say "oooooh" when I realized it's a movie about one of my favorite things...MMA...and Salma Hayek!

I have been a fan of MMA for a long time, and as long as I've been watching fights and getting PPV's, I've seen Kevin James at a LOT of events. He is without a doubt a legit fan of mixed martial arts. So knowing that about him, and seeing some other folks in this movie that are from the world of MMA, it gives the movie more credibility in my opinion.

Here's the basic premise...James is a teacher at a high school that is in need of some money. Unless the school can raise about $50,000 they are going to have to cut all the extra-curricular activities. James takes it upon himself to try and raise the money, and decides to do this by fighting.

Here Comes The Boom trailer

Like I mentioned, Here Comes The Boom features some very recognizable names from MMA...including Bas Rutten (MMA legend!), Joe Rogan (UFC commentary), Bruce Buffer (UFC ring announcer), Jason "Mayhem" Miller (MMA veteran), Mark DellGrotte (world-class MMA trainer) and Krzysztof Soszynski (MMA vet and former UFC fighter).