I just realized something...Sylvester Stallone is a year older than my dad. Sly was born in 1946. The man is 66 damn years old! And you know what...he looks like he could still kick your ass, and mine. Here he is doing plenty of ass kicking in his new movie Bullet To The Head.

So this time around Stallone plays a badass hitman that is trying to get out of the killin' business. And he thinks he has, until he kills some friends of some equally badass people. They decide to kidnap Sly's daughter, which only makes grandpa Stallone even angrier.

The main baddie in Bullet To The Head is played by Jason Momoa, who you may remember portrayed the title role in the 2011 remake of Conan The Barbarian. Then you throw in Sung Kang, a cop who becomes Sly's unlikely partner. Oh yeah, there's also a PYT (pretty young thang) named Sarah Shahi is plays the fiesty daughter.

You know, I'm not even sure what I think about this movie yet. Looks like there is plenty of exciting action, and a cute chick to look at. Forgive me if this sounds weird, but I just can't get over how ripped Stallone is. Let me repeat that the dude is 66 years old! He looks like he's ready to go back to Rocky IV. It's blowing my mind.

No release date yet for Bullet To The Head...just sometime in 2013.