Apparently, Scary Movie 1-5 wasn't enough when it comes to horror flick parody movies...cause here's another one...called A Haunted House. I'm really not sure why they didn't just call this one Scary Movie 6. Looks about the same.

So yeah, it's another parody movie that seems to be primarily targeting the Paranormal Activity franchise. From the looks of the trailer, A Haunted House looks like it might be good for a few laughs. I don't think I would throw down $8 to see it in the theater, or even $5 to get it on demand. But I would definitely pick it up for free if I saw it at the library. That's really not the most ringing endorsement ever, is it.

The most recognizable names/faces belong to Marlon Wayans, Cedric The Entertainer, Nick Swardson, and David Koechner. All these guys are no strangers to parodies and really bad movies.

Finally, there two things about this trailer/movie that stood out to me. First thing has nothing to do with the actual content of the movie. I'm referring to the release date. It's called A Haunted don't you think it would make sense to release it in October, ya' know, around Halloween time? Guess not, cause this movie is coming out in January. Smeh! And the other thing, the thing that totally saves the trailer for me, is Public Enemy. Old school PE even! Yeeeeaaaaahhhh boooyyyyeeeee!