Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin

This is another example of great fighters, great history and a great story. These are two of the biggest and most recognizable names in the UFC. Both men are former Light Heavyweight champs and are nearing the end of their careers. In fact, Ortiz is retiring after this fight. He is also getting inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on Saturday afternoon. Watch Tito Ortiz talk about retirement in the clip below.

This is the third fight between these two warriors. The first two were bloody battles that both went the distance and ended in split decisions...one for Ortiz and one for Griffin. So this is the rubber match that will determine the series winner. There is no hatred between Ortiz and Griffin, just exciting, super close fights.

Tito Ortiz's story is that he is ending his on-again, off-again 15-year career in the UFC. He has had epic (and very public) battles with UFC president Dana White. He has had very heated rivalries with UFC legends Chuck Liddell and Ken Shamrock. He also used to date porn legend Jenna Jameson. So there are no shortage of headlines, or haters, for Tito Ortiz.

Forrest Griffin is kinda like the exact opposite of Ortiz. He is one of those guys who is liked by everybody...doesn't take himself too seriously...and just goes out there to put on a good fight and entertain the fans. There is no doubt that he (along with Stephan Bonnar) is a big part of the growth of the UFC, thanks to his classic fight against Bonnar on Spike TV back in 2005.

My prediction: I think this will be another battle that ends up in the hands of the judges. And as much as I want Forrest to win, I'm afraid it won't happen. For some reason, I just get the feeling that Ortiz is going to win by majority decision. I'm not happy to say that, but that's what my gut is telling me.