At every place where there is alcohol, there is a band of stereotypes and situations that seem to follow.

There is a game that I started a few months ago that I like to call 'Bar Bingo'. Its basically a scavenger hunt on a chart, and when someone in my group get's five across they get a free drink.

What do you have to look for? How about 'food item on restroom floor', 'bouncer or Roadhouse set extra', 'Female Looking For Lost Item', and 'Dude-bros hating on everyone's good time'.

However, there is one item on the scavenger hunt that never fails to entertain me. Its the drunk woman in her 20's that lives up to the phrase 'White Girl Wasted'.

Jenna Marbles explores the world of the drunk girl in her latest post on YouTube. Check out the video below. Just as a warning, some of the language in the video makes this NSFW!