Here is another example of how beautiful Metallica's music can be. I'm sure James and the boys never imagined hearing one of their most iconic songs played on a ukulele - but here it is and it is amazing. I'm also pretty sure those guys never intended to make "beautiful" music - at least not what most folks would consider "beautiful."

I'm reminded of the video I saw (and posted here) a few years ago, of the man in some small foreign village playing "Nothing Else Matters" on the hammered dulcimer. In that case, though, it's already a slower tempo song with more of a ballad feel. It lends itself to that type of instrumentation (is that a word?).

That's not necessarily the case with "One" though. It's a loud and heavy song, known for its guitar and drums. What this guy does with it on a ukulele is really impressive. It's hard to imagine how long it took him to learn each part and get everything recorded successfully.

One more thing to think about while watching the video - one commenter pointed out that this is not a little guy. He has some big, meaty fingers, and he's playing a little instrument with little frets. Makes it seem even a little bit more impressive.