Ohh Craigslist! It's a love/hate relationship! In this hilarious Funny or Die Video, they show the best post on Craigslist this week, it's about a 2002 ford Focus that has some interesting issues....

Now I've recently been searching a lot of sites similar to Craigslist, along with Craigslist on my journey to find a new car.  I'm 21 years old,  and I'm still driving the same car I've had since I was 16, and I just recently got into my first accident (my car found the median that's there when you're exiting 41 onto the Lloyd heading west in Evansville).  So anyways with almost 190k miles it's about time to get myself into something a little bit nicer! With all the time I've spent searching for used cars I've found some really interesting posts so I can really relate to this video.

This is from a post that was put on Craigslist in Detroit MI, and it's the first video in a new series starting up on Funny or Die where they'll be showcasing the best of Craigslist (I can't wait to see what all they find!)

Check out the video below!