YAY! One of my favorite things on the internet is back...Bad Lip Reading! It's another chance to see what kind of brilliantly random stuff these guys came up with. This time around they focus on the relationship between Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker from the recent movie The Amazing Spider-Man.

BLR seems to put out about one video per month, maybe a little more often than that from time to time, but it is so worth the wait. If you've never seen one of there videos, do yourself a favor and spend some on their YouTube channel. Every type of celebrity is fair game, including politicians, singers and actors.

So here we see a few of the intimate conversations between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in the most recent Spider-Man movie. While I generally like Emma Stone...I gotta say that Garfield's performance in that flick was just begging for something like this. There's something strange about the way that kid acts.

See for yourself!