Once again, Bad Lip Reading has brought their 'A' game, taking on Game of Thrones. And after watching this one, I understand why we had to wait so long (about 5 months) for a new video. The BLR folks just blow my mind.

Let me break down the evolution of these videos. From what I can tell, they started out just parodying popular songs. Then they stepped up their game when they took on politicians (still some of their most random and hilarious videos). Then they targeted the movies...adding their touch to various scenes...and all the while trying to keep some semblance of a story. Well now they have stepped it up even one more notch. Now they have created an entire trailer for a fake movie, using season one of Game of Thrones as their source material. The faux movie is called Medieval Land Fun-Time World, and you can know before even watching it that it is sheer brilliance.

I can't imagine how long it took to go through all of the footage and piece all of this together - all the while trying to come up with dialogue that fit the situation. So take the next 5:51 and giggle at this ridiculousness.