I apologize for the horrible pun in the headline, but I couldn't resist. And the fact is, the BLR folks absolutely did kill it on their latest parody...The Walking (and Talking) Dead.

Now don't hate me for saying this, but I have never seen an episode of The Walking Dead. I hear all the voices now, stuttering and stumbling in disbelief. It's not because of a lack of interest either, I think the show looks pretty dope. I just figure that I've missed so much at this point, it would take me a long to catch up.

I've gotten off track here. The fact is, whether you've seen the show or not, you can't think this video is NOT funny. I'll use my two go-to words for Bad Lip Reading...It's genius and it's brilliant! How can you not enjoy singing mummies, or the Broadway scene (you'll see what I mean)?