Well if you were busy filling up your deep freeze in preparation of the coming bacon-alypse, you can probably stop. The National Pork Board (yeah that exists) says the rumor of a bacon shortage in the coming year is not true. 

While the summer did lead to a lot of lost crops that are used to feed pigs, that won't lead to a cut back in that delicious breakfast meat. Instead the price of bacon may temporarily rise (much like the price of other items due to the drought this summer).

The National Pork Board says the report released last week by their European counterparts, was only propaganda and was more than likely a ploy to get pork sales up.

How could they do that? Do they know the love affair this country has with bacon? We put the stuff in sundaes. And you're not going to put a damper on the Bacon Cup 2013 festivities, right?

If you were thinking that the Mayans were right, the world isn't going to run out of bacon in 2013. Just be ready to pay little bit more. Or you can always switch to turkey bacon (I kid, I kid).