Yesterday on "Phone Topic Tuesday" I asked you to help me thing of a good nickname for my future grandbaby to call me.

Well, after about 16 hours of labor, my daughter Kelcey gave birth to little Lyric last night.

It was killing me to watch my daughter in so much pain. Despite the epidural, Kelcey was really hurting. It's hard for a parent to stand by and let their child suffer, but what can you do.

I'm so proud of my girl for toughing it out. She had the choice at one point between a C-Section and going ahead with the natural childbirth and she chose to push that kid out. What a life changing experience or her, and the family.

So thanks to your help, I'm now a proud "Sandpaw", and below are a few pics of baby and baby and momma Kelcey.

Hello world!