Evian and Perrier were the first bottled water I'd ever heard of.  Perrier is sparkling water, while Evian water comes from a spring located in the French Alps. This water is freshly bottled at the source. The water contains several minerals, which are vital for healthy well being. Some of these minerals include: calcium, chloride bicarbonate, magnesium, sodium and sulfates.  Now these days, there are tons of companies that manufacture bottled water.  Spring Water, purified drinking water, etc.

Evian has always been the kind of 'high end', luxury version of bottled water.  With all the others out there in the market competing, Evian has launched a new ad campaign with one of the best commercials I've seen in awhile.  Check it out, and BTW, drink more water...any kind of water.  It's good for you!