2014 is here! A new year, a new you...right? Sure! "I swear this year I'm gonna hit the gym, eat better, and get more fit and healthy." I've said that before, and I bet you have too. Some folks actually follow through, at least for a few day or weeks. So if/when you're at the gym, trying to stick to that New Year's resolution, see if you notice any of the personalities depicted in this video.

I am in no way a gym rat, but I have spent a number of hours in "the gym" during my 38 years of life, although I couldn't tell you the last time one of those hours happened. But during my few-and-far-between encounters with a gym, I have definitely witnessed just about all of these stereotypes.

These the Dude Perfect guys, who first gained notoriety for their amazing trick-shot videos. Recently they have shown off their comical side with a handful of hilarious "stereotypes" videos. They are so hilarious because they are so true. They absolutely nail the different kinds of people you run in to while playing golf or basketball, or fishing. They hit it on the head and out of the park with this video too.

So which one are you? Considering my lack of actually getting to the gym, I'd have to say I am the very first stereotype - Mr. Excuses!