Life on the celebrity R list. Its not for the faint of heart. Being a local DJ, when no one ever sees you, means a lot of questions get asked when they find out I work for GBF.

Everyone from drunk chicks at a bar to loud drunk dude at a bar asking for my 'I Facebooked Your Mom' shirt. (more the latter than the former, did I use that correctly? Loud Drunk Dudes ask a lot of questions).

Anyway I decided to try something out, see what feedback I get. I'm going to start answering questions about anything, on the home page. If this works out, I'll try to do one once a week. If not, what the hell, it was worth the effort.

So for our first edition...

Where does that sound clip come from in the GBF Weekend Commericals? The one that goes "If I knew this was this type of party...

I get asked this a lot. In fact, about the numerous sound clips we play. But Beastie Boys fans would've recognize it first. Here is a blog post I found though, the searches a bit further.

So the mystery is solved. Who else has a question for me? Send them to my e-mail address here at the station, .

Lets see if we can get a Part 2.