Our buddies in SIDESHOW ROMANCE had an awesome album release party over the weekend at Doc's. The place was absolutely packed with people who were treated to, among other things, clowns, fire performers, and a 9-foot tall executioner. But the party really got started with the opening band ARTIFAS. Count me as a new fan.

To be completely honest, I didn't know much about ARTIFAS. I remember the name from when they were featured in our Rocktagon a while back, but I had no idea what to expect. Let me just tell you that these guys quickly made me sit up and pay attention.

If you've been to even a handful of concerts then you know that not all live shows are created equal. I'm of the opinion that any singer/band can sound good on an album. The right equipment and the right producers can work wonders. The true test, for me, is how a band plays live - and that is where ARTIFAS won me over for sure. And when I see or hear something that excites me, especially an up-and-coming band, I want to share the excitement with you. So here I am asking you to check out ARTIFAS.

ARTIFAS is a 5-piece band from Memphis, Tennessee who have been touring their asses off in support of their new EP Enemy Inside Volume 1. In fact, this show at Doc's was the final stop on their tour. Below you can hear the song "Crawl" featured on the EP.

Artifas - Crawl

In closing I guess I want to stress how important I feel it is to continue cultivating new bands. That's where you come in. I'll admit that we, as a radio station, are sometimes handcuffed a bit when it comes to air play, but we do what we can when we can. That's one reason why we have the Rocktagon, which is a great place to showcase new talent. The fact remains that most of the "big" bands you know and love started out just like SIDESHOW ROMANCE or ARTIFAS - really talented guys that work really hard and just need a shot. So here I am doing what I can to help give them that shot - and here I am asking you to give them a shot as well.

Pick up a copy of This Means War from Sideshow Romance on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and ReverbNation.

Download a copy of Enemy Inside Volume One from Artifas HERE.