The 4th annual Kruckemeyer and Cohn Diamond Dash is almost fact it's happening this Sunday in downtown Evansville. Hundreds of teams have signed up so far, and there's room for more. So what are you waiting for? You need more convincing?

Okay, fine - here are some reasons you should play along with us this weekend.

  1. It's absolutely FREE! I don't know about you, but I'm a frugal dude. So if I can find a fun and free event, I'm done. You can't use the money excuse.
  2. The Colts play on Monday night. I can understand wanting to stay home and watch the game on Sunday afternoon - but you can't use that excuse this time. You won't miss a thing.
  3. It's really fun! Thousands of people have done this thing so far, and they keep coming back year after year. Do you think they are all just so desperate to win a ring? Maybe a couple...but most of them come back because it's an awesomely fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Everyone is a winner. I mentioned this event is free right? Okay, so you're already coming out ahead. Plus everyone that plays gets a goody bag - so no one is going home empty-handed.

Maybe you're still not convinced. Maybe Tim Hoehn from Kruckemeyer and Cohn can do a better job than me. He was in my studio this morning to talk about the Diamond Dash. Take a listen to our interview below.

2013 Diamond Dash interview