Just days after celebrating the 300th performance of American Idiot on Broadway, Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong says he's ready to write another musical.

Recently Armstrong has joined the cast of the show, and says that he now has a greater appreciation of musical theater which has inspired him.

"The kind of music that I like is very immediate and very catchy, and you identify with it quickly, and I try to write that way. And in musical theatre it's the same thing - you identify with the songs immediately, the good ones anyway."

American Idiot is based on the 2004 album by Green Day. The band is planning to release a new album in March 2011, titled 'Awesome as F**K'. We can all hope it will be a return to Green Day's roots and not anything like the forgotten '21st Century Breakdown' album.

As for the planned musical, I'll go when the girlfriend drags me to it. We all know my affinity for people just breaking out in to song and dance.