I knew something big had happened today, when I saw the same story plastered on my Facebook newsfeed numerous times. Yet another group of quacks are saying that cell phones may cause cancer.

Can we emphasize the may? No doubt, you'll hear this story quoted over and over again by paranoid people who afraid of their own shadow. International Agency for Research on Cancer, recently did a review of studies about cancer and cell phones and came up with that result.

They didn't even do a study, they just reviewed studies. That's like saying I reviewed all the copies of Playboy I have, and I have concluded that the models are attractive.

The reason I hate when a story like this is published, is no matter what when I'm using my phone someone will say, "Its going to give you cancer, you know." Yep, the sun is going to give me cancer. The air I breathe may have carcinogens in it. In fact, cell phones were put in the same category of cancer causing as the pesticide DDT and coffee.

If you read the story on Yahoo News, one of the people they interview for the study, is doing the interview BY CELL PHONE.

International Agency for Research on Cancer, is an arm of the WHO, also known as the World Health Organization. It is based in France. They said their findings may go to help suggest ways to use a cell phone safely. Well I assume not having the damn thing glued to your head all day, may be a start.

So unless a gigantic tumor is forming on the side of your head, continue to use your cell phone like you normally would. If you keep in your pocket, near your 'man parts', think of those electromagnetic waves as a cheap form of birth control.

Until then, feel free to send this blog post on to your friends and family. Who will, no doubt, inundate your inbox with this story. Cause at this point, what doesn't cause cancer?