According to a study done by, the type of phone you use can say a lot about your sex life.

In a survey of 1000 Canadian singles, those who used Droid devices are more likely to have sex on the first date. Next on the list were iPhone users, followed by Blackberry users. I suspect that iPhone users are too busy bragging about their phone to get any.

Of that same survey group 55% of Droid users said they were more likely to engage in a one-night stand. Once again followed by iPhone and Blackberry users. Honestly though, when was the last time someone had a Blackberry without being deeply ashamed. Is there a Blackberry app for that.

Droid users were also the most active on dating websites. However, Blackberry users tended to drink more (no doubt to drown their sorrows from actually buying a Blackberry). iPhone users were also more likely to date a coworker. My theory is that is the first person they look up and see when they are fumbling with their iDevices.

So for all you Android users out there, I think Caddyshack can best sum it up for you.