Some call him "magician", some call him douche, but David Blaine may finally taken out on Sunday. 

While we all can't wait to see news reporters fake sadness over his passing, this is part of a bigger stunt Blaine is doing. Blaine is supposedly passing 1 Million volts of electricity through his body. All while wearing a suit that rivals Lady Gaga.

The event is taking place for three days at Pier 54 in New York City. On Sunday, Andrew WK will perform a song on a keyboard that is hooked up to a Tesla coil. Andrew WK is a musician that hosts a show on Cartoon Network. Also known as my dream resume.

With 1 million volts going through his body, could David Blaine finally meet his end? Probably not, and we'll be subjected to more lameness for years to come.

Of course, you can watch the entire thing take place on a live stream. Because it's 2012 and now you can be connected to David Blaine 24/7. I'm beginning to think the Mayans were right.