I feel safe and confident in saying that this could easily be the most surprising and impressive video you see all day. Seriously, this mama rips...it...up! She's playing "Wipe Out", which features a lot of drums. She takes it to a whole 'nother level.

And I don't take these types of comments lightly either. Sometimes I feel like hyperbole is used in headlines for various online videos. The headline makes you think you're about to see the most amazing, awesome, hilarious, horrifying, etc thing in the world. They purposely do that to suck you in. Then you watch the video, and you're kinda like "is that it?" Well I promise I'm not doing that, and I won't do that. My jaw literally dropped as this video continued. It's like my eyes were playing a trick on me. I'm not used to seeing a woman who looks like THAT doing what she's doing. Truly surprising and amazing.