This man in Appleton Wisconsin, clearly knows what's up.

The other night my dad sent me this on facebook, and my mind was blown!

For the full duration of the five minute song, the house lights up along with every riff, tempo change, and chorus.   You can imagine how insane it is.  Every inch of the house and the yard has lights that light up perfect with Crue's song.

Kickstart my Heart is fom Motley Crue's 1989 album 'Dr. Feelgood'.  This video has gotten a lot of attention when Nikki Sixx (Crue's bassist) posted about it and said "Merry X Mas indeed…Wow…..blown away.”

And the good news?  This is LAST years decorations I can't wait to see what this dude has in store for this year!

What song would you like to see this guy do this year?!