According to our friends at Ozzy Osbourne has stated that "A Black Sabbath reunion is in the early stages!

According to an interview between Ozzy Osbourne and Billboard he told them ”Yes, it’s a very, very strong possibility. It’s in the very early stages so we haven’t recorded anything yet. If it works out, it’ll work out. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep doing my thing."

Tony Iommi hasn't commented on Ozzy's statements. But if Ozzy does return to create a new album, it's going to be the first time since 1978′s ‘Never Say Die!’ that he and the other three original Sabbath members have made a full length album together. has the full article here, so be sure to check it out to get all the news, they even talk about the vacancy Sabbath has with the loss of the late Ronnie James Dio.

I'm really hoping this reunion happens, metal heads everywhere have got their fingers crossed!

If you had the chance to have a band reunite to rock one more time, who would it be? Dead or alive doesn't matter.