Everyone has at one time or another stepped foot in a Big Box Store and thought, "What in the hell?" That's because 'Big Box Stores' are the places where all types of people convene to buy their necessities at a cheap price. They are also the place where the weirdos and creepers hang out at night. So, there's a delicate balance when it comes to going to BBS and trying to avoid the weirdos of BBS. However, sometimes, you just can't get away. Here are the different kinds of weird people (presumably) you'll encounter at BBS:

1) The "My clothing is see through and I don't care" person

This is tragic and unfortunate. I don't care what size you are, color, beliefs, etc, I don't want to see your unmentionables at Walmart where I buy my food. You know, the food I am going to eat where your butt was just hanging out at. Yeah. Stop wearing see through clothes to grocery stores people.

2) The "I no longer care about anything anymore" person

3) The "White trash kings of the world" people
These people generally come in the form of individuals with open beer cans in their hands, mullets, and recliner motorcycles...evidently.

4) The "I let my video gaming watching preferences dictate my dress - hillbilly edition" person

5) The "That is definitely illegal not just horrific" person

These people should really be banned from Walmart. No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no service. Seriously. I do not need sweaty butts rubbing up against produce that I'm getting ready to buy. It's just disgusting and a health hazard. Wear clothes to the store, people.

6) The "Walmart parental wonder!" person

7) The "Did I just really see that?" person

You've all seen at least one of these people in Walmart. You know that person that you had to do a double-take for to make sure you actually saw what you just saw. Yeah, that person. These people are the best but also sometimes the most frightening. How crazy do you have to be to do these things? Or how much do you not give a bleep that you do these things? Either scenario is terrifying.