I gets lots of different responses to his Phone Topic Tuesday questions. Today's question - "What about the opposite sex attracts you most?" - got lots of responses. Turns out, men and women feel differently about sex. Who knew.

Men Suck at Talking.

"Smells good sweaty perspiration," said one caller. "They gotta have a good stinky smell. Can't smell like sh*t."

Women Are Better At Talking.

"Strictly physically speaking, broad shoulders and hard chest muscles are my ideal body type in a man," says Tabatha W. See that, men? It's called a complete sentence.

Men Like Hooters.

"I like the hooters. Not that restaurant, I like the big ones on those ladies. First glance, they gotta have them big t*tties."

Women Like Lots of Very Specific Things About Men.

Just a few very specific things women we've asked have listed: "Nice smile"; "firm body"; "arms"; "broad shoulders"; "hard chest muscles"; "eyes"; "voice"; "hands"; "body"; "how they carry themselves"; "confidence"; "intense passion"; "tattoos"; and "bad boys."

Men Like Butts.

"Butt or t*tties are going to get me looking, but later it is about personalities. T*tties and ass are the first thing I notice."

Women Are Open Minded.

Bethany M. asks: "What about the same sex? :)"

Men Don't Care About Your Personality. Unless They're Blind.

Blind Matt is, so far, the only listener who has told us he values "a friendly personality."