The kid's name is Jaxon, and according to YouTube he is a self-taught drummer. He decided to cover a pretty decent drummer from a pretty decent band.

In my opinion, as far as modern day drummers are concerned, Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters is one of the best. And the work he does on "The Pretender" ain't so easy to mimic. How 'bout you just try to play the air drums along with the song, let alone sitting behind a kit.

Sure, if you wanna get technical and picky, you could say that some of his fills are kinda sloppy...but you'd be a dick for saying so. Just enjoy it for what it is. The kid is six years old! And even if'/when he stumbles a bit, he gets right back on the rhythm.

What makes the video (and this kid) even cooler is the fact that his birth weight was only one pound. So just seeing him looking so healthy this many years later is pretty damn amazing. Get it Jaxon...hit them things!