You just have one week left to get your wife/significant other the perfect Christmas present! My fiance kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I finally said, "you know, I have told you what I have wanted when I see it. I shouldn't have to make a list for you, listen to me when I say I want something, I do it all the time!" Does this conversation sound familiar?

He finally stopped to think back to allllllll the times I said "oh, I could use a new coat," or "I really want a new hoodie."  All you have to do is listen to her and she will tell you - one way or another!

Here is a list of 5 things NOT to buy your wife/significant other!

  1. Cleaning Products

She cleans allllll the time and really doesn't want to open up her present on Christmas morning to a bottle of Windex or laundry detergent. Yes, she said last time that she needed it when you were at Wal-Mart with her, BUT NOT FOR CHRISTMAS!

2. Exercise Equipment and/or Exercise Videos

We, as women, say that we want to exercise more and we will (eventually) but please don't rub it in that we need to exercise! If she comes out, and asks you for this it is  okay. Otherwise, this is not an appropriate gift for right in the middle of the Holidays where all we do is eat!

3. Wrinkle Cream/Makeup of any sort

Being a woman, we find joys of picking out our favorite make up and creams that fit just right with our face. At least, I do. I really don't want to wake up in the morning to a gift saying to me, "Hey, Chelsea your gettin' old might want to try this nice wrinkle cream, Merry Christmas." Stay away from anything that says, "you're gettin' old"

4. The Wrong Size Clothes

Nothing is worse than having 30 days to return something that doesn't fit, ESPECIALLY DURING CHRISTMAS! Lines are so long because everyone is returning stuff they got for Christmas. Not to mention, if you buy clothes to big your saying, I think you wear this XXL instead of this L or whatever the case may be. If you don't know her exact size in that exact store, (every store is different with their sizes) don't get it! Take her with you, to pick out clothes.

5. Gift Cards

This is the most impersonal gift ever. You want to get your special someone something to open, not a gift card. It's like saying to her, "I don't know you very well, I didn't know what you would like, so here is a gift card go buy something special!" Bad idea right?!

Now, you have the 5 gifts not to buy. Mainly if you just listen to your significant other they will tell you what they want. I got the ads last Sunday and while I was going though them I said, "Oh I really like this hoodie, WHAT?? It's on sale!!! Do you like this hoodie babe???" That was me telling him that I liked the hoodie and it would be a great gift! I want him to go out and do it on his own. I believe most women want their men to do this. Now, you have a little insight on what us women want!


Merry Christmas!