If you don't know already, radioPup is our personal app for our company for all of our radio stations! You can download it on your smart phone for FREE!!!! Click HERE to download it from iTunes or the Play Store.


Here are 5 reasons why I love radioPup and you should too!

  1. Anytime there is a concert announcement, I don't have to go to a radio, my car, or the website I can just open the app on my phone and stream 103GBF live right there in my hand!
  2. Recently, I went to a bridal show with my fiance, usually all bridal shows are on Sundays. As we all know, football is on every Sunday when we are in season. Instead of watching the games, he said he would go with me but I had a feeling that I was going to see a little bit of pouting from him. So I made I deal with him, if he went he could listen to the Colts game via RadioPup. It was a win win! Even better, we air every Colts game on 103GBF.
  3. I have a lot of friends that live in the Gibson County area. 103GBF loses signal every time right at I-64, unless it is a cloudy day then I could get at least to Haubstadt before it cut out. RadioPup NEVER loses signal like a radio in a car! All of my friends from Gibson County now can listen to me anytime they want with their smart phones.
  4. I don't have a radio at work (my other job) so when I'm tired of listening to Pandora because let's face it Pandora just doesn't hit my spot sometimes. I just pull out my phone and turn on radioPup and I have fixed my no radio problem!
  5. Bad weather can happen at any time and I always have my phone with me. Usually one of the news stations will be aired with GBF or one of our sister stations if the weather is bad! I always know what is going on with the weather!

These are my reasons why I keep RadioPup right on my home screen of my phone!

Why do you love RadioPUP?

Do you not have RadioPUP download it now, it's FREE!!!!!