So I've been dedicating way too much to creating the fattest, most delicious, foods you would want at the Fall Festival, and I think I've hit some real winners here.Like what I created? Got your own idea? Comment with your idea and share with your friends! More the merrier right?

5. Grippos Dry Rub Rib Sandwich.

Fall Festival has always been lacking in the area of spicy foods and I think this would be a refreshing kick as well as a fantastic homage to the chips company long celebrated by this community. My mouth waters thinking about this one.

4. Deep Fried Peanut Butter

Seriously out of all the deep fried s*** we have why isn't this on the list? You could even throw down some chocolate chips inside it to up the ante a bit, or have a spinoff of deep fried Nutella!\

3. Ski Suckers

Talk about a sweet tooth to the max. The great taste of "west side water" that lasts for hours and won't interfere with all your beer drinking. I can think of nothing better.

2. Dove Dogs

I've never eaten dove, nor do I know if you could somehow mold it into a hotdog, but it doesn't matter. Dove dogs would be the perfect service to the dude who attends specifically the eat the weirdest thing they can find, plus it rolls off the tongue quite masterfully.

1. Pie In A Cup

One of the hardest parts about eating a dessert at the Fall Fest is the handling of the object. Sure you can sit in the median, but then it becomes a battle between you and the wasps and other surrounding insects about who will move first. All the ingredients of pie can fit in a cup except the crust...and all you have to do with that is crumble it!