When you hear 36C or 40DD you automatically think...hmm...bra size right? What about 38KKK??? Being a girl and having boobs I know for sure I would not want to carry around a triple K for sure!Sheyla Hershey has the largest breast in the world. Ladies reading this I'm sure you are thinking the same thing I am "Damn those things look huge, how the hell does she carry those around." Guys I'm sure you are thinking "Holy sh*t I want to lose my face in her chest" haha.

Sheyla, at just 32, a Brazilian native now living in Texas, traveled back to Brazil to get her implants because Texas has laws on how much silicone can be injected into a human body. I'm thinking those laws were put in place for a reason.

She claims her breast to be her children. I could not imagine trying to find a bra to fit a triple K much less how expensive it would be, because you are the only one in the world with this big of boobs!

Who needs this much boob?????? NO ONE! Just my personal opinion of course!