Just so ya know, we here at 103GBF are concerned with more than rock, chicks and sports. Really, we are! We support the efforts of our local Humane Societies and all they do to find good homes for animals who have been abused or abandonded. So, here's some info about what's going on with our friends at the Warrick Humane Society. The WHS is holding a holiday open house Saturday, Dec. 10, 1-3 p.m. at 5722 Vann Rd. to thank the community for its support. The public is invited to visit the facilities and see adoptable pets. There are many dogs and cats waiting to go home with their new "furever" families in time for Christmas. There will be refreshments and opportunities for buying gifts for your two-legged and four-legged family.

For more information, contact WHS Director, Nancy Lybarger, at 812-858-1132.

What kind of gifts are available for purchase?

We have pet/child tied fleece blankets; braided chew/tug dog toys; Christmas cards (choice of cat or dog); a few gourmet dog treats; and several gift baskets in the silent auction/raffle.

What are some tips you’d like to share if you plan on purchasing an animal as a Christmas gift or coming home in time for the holidays?

Try to avoid the excitement of Christmas morning with a pet. Do the other unwrapping first and let things calm down before unveiling the ultimate gift: a pet. Without giving away the surprise, have the discussion days before about how children must treat a pet--being gentle with a puppy or kitten, taking care of its needs; remember to pick up toys and clothes and other essentials that a pup will be attracted to and will chew if you leave them accessible. Be prepared for the inevitable accident -- from either end; and spills, etc. Have the puppy training class already set up. All puppies need training, as do their new families. Be sure the pup or kitten has had its shots before exposing it to the new situation. Maybe a book about a puppy or kitten should be read before the gifting -- to calm the atmosphere. If there are other animals in the house, you'll need to slowly introduce the new pet. You may need to keep the critters separated by a solid door for a couple of days so they get used to each others' smells.

How long has WHS been open?

The organization was established in 1983. The building didn't come until 1987.

How are you supported?

WHS is supported by the generosity of the community of animal lovers -- those who support our mission of finding new homes for abandoned, neglected and abused pets and to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats by encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter their four-legged friends.

What if someone wants to donate but can’t adopt a pet – what are you needing?

We always need bleach, Dawn dish soap, laundry detergent, postage stamps, copier paper, cat litter, cash for operating expenses, collars and leashes, cat food and dog food (We only feed ProPac Adult mini chunk, which is available at the Pet Food Center. You are welcome to buy it there. If you donate some other brand, we'll gladly put it in our pet food bank).

What kind of dogs and cats are up for adoption right now? How do people find them?

We have a mixture of dogs and cats right now. Some old, some young, some small, some larger, all different colors. We have several full-blooded dogs now that came from a commercial breeder.

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