Tomorrow is known as one of the biggest days for pranks, April Fools Day! Do you have your pranks set out yet? Well, it is time to get to planning how your going to get someone with a good prank!

Just keep in mind pay back is a bitch! You can't get mad if you do a prank on someone and they turn around and do the same to you! This is all in fun!

Here are some hilarious ideas for pranking just about anyone.

  • Get a rubber band and wrap it around the sprayer in the kitchen that way when someone turns on the water it shoots all over them. I used a hair tie on my fiancee gets him EVERY TIME.
  • When someone is taking a shower - go get a pitcher and fill it with ice cold water. Walk into the bathroom turn off the lights and be quick rip open the curtain and throw the ice cold water on them. Flip on the lights and check out the look on their is PRICELESS!
  • If you work in an office take tape and cover everyone's mouse sensor. Everyone will think their mouse is broken!
  • Take your left over food coloring from Easter eggs put a couple drops on to someones tooth brush (make sure it is the same color as the bristles) When they brush their teeth their teeth will then turn that color. Ora gel works wonders too, it will make their mouth numb. Make sure you put it deep into the tooth brush so they will not suspect a thing!
  • Superglue the shampoo, body wash, and/or conditioner lids shut right after your shower.
  • Paint your bar of soap with clear finger nail polish. The soap won't lather.
  • While your in the bathroom pulling all these pranks - don't forget to glue the toilet paper down, so your victim will not be able to find the end!
  • If someone in your life wears a hat daily get it wet then put it in the freezer take it out right before they go to put it on they will have a chilly surprise you can also do this with a woman's bra.
  • Place a glob of Vaseline under a door handle. (make sure you can't see the glob)
  • Get a needle and thread - thread together your victims underwear with one long string. When they go to put their underwear on they will pull all of them out.
  • Set your victims alarms and clocks forward an hour. Just remember that you did this so your not being pranked too.

Disclaimer: 103GBF and I are not responsible for you getting in trouble for any of these pranks. They are all supposed to be used all in fun on this wonderful, funny non-holiday! Enjoy April Fools Day. I hope you are the pranker and not the prankee! If you happen to catch any of these on camera please share them with us!

If you know of any other great pranks please comment them below.