Hey, it's Jacob the Intern here.  Maybe you saw my astronomy post a few weeks ago.  Well now I'm back to talk about a recent trip up to Purdue to celebrate my 21st birthday.

I am a recent graduate of the under 21 club.  And as such, I have found out why turning 21 is fun for not only the birthday boy, but also, maybe even more so, for all of those buying the drinks, because those shots were  the definitely the second worst tasting thing I’ve ever had to swallow.  (Don’t ask me about the worst thing I’ve ever swallowed).

I spent a weekend soon after my birthday up in one of the greatest cities of all time, West Lafayette, IN.  Home of the Purdue Boilermakers!  This also happens to be where I go to school.  So a few of my buddies decided to take me out to the bar scene while I was there.  Our first stop of the night was Jake’s (appropriately named I might add).  The very first two shots I took were a "prairie fire" followed up by a "four horseman". Those two drinks would stay with me for the rest of the night.

After a few more drinks at Jakes, we made our way over to Where Else? bar.  I was lucky enough to see some scum bag get taken down by two fire fighters for hitting a girl.  Probably an IU fan.  At Where else? I had a few more drinks and got my dancing fix in all at the same time.

The one bar I absolutely had to go to was Harry’s Chocolate Shop which was also my last stop of the

night.  At Harry’s, one of my friends thought it was a good idea to give me the Birthday shot.  That probably was not the best idea in the world.  See, at this point I was already plenty liquored up, and the Birthday shot, rumor has it, was just all of the spillage on the mat that all the shots are poured on.  I spit it out immediately.  And since I had nothing to really spit it out into, spitting it on the bar itself was the next best option.  Apparently spitting shots onto a bar is frowned upon because the next thing I knew I was being kicked out.  Fortunately, before leaving the guy who kicked me out got me some popcorn, so at least I had something to extinguish the intense burning I was feeling from that shot. The rest of the night was kind of a blur.

On the way back to our house, I do remember trying to pick a fight with a guy who was talkin' some smack. Nothing happened though. I made it back to the crib, which is conveniently located about a block away from all the bars, and passed out on the couch in the living room.  So all in all, it was a pretty great experience. If you have a crazy 21st birthday story, or any birthday for that matter, tell me about it!