Don't let the pic on the main page fool you.  It's not a feature on Zombies.  Meet our local lovely of the week, Stephanie.    A beautiful tattooed goddess who looks great in a bathing suit or as a zombie (Which she nis on the 103GBF Hometown Honey Online Calendar)!!!   Her looks are very versatile, and that's what makes the camera lens work in her favor.  She can look like one of the undead or a rockin' beach babe.  Stephaine has done several projects for 103GBF, including being on out Hometown Honey Screensaver, on the 2012 Hometown Honey online calendar and in out latest TV commercial...all of which are posted here.   I know when I need a really hot chick with a bangin' bod for a project...this girl's the one I call!   By the way, Stephanie is married to Tony Trip which would explain why she has some awesome body art!