Meet Lori...the latest local girl to be featured as a 103GBF Hometown Honey.  Further proof that the tri-state area is chock full of gorgeous females.  Lori is a professional trainer, and it certainly show.  Ya gotta believe a girl with a body like Lori's knows her way around the gym.  She's also a fitness model, and has done several photoshoots.   I'd be happy to have her be a spokesmodel for any venture that I would possibly undertake.  Lori is also a pround mom of four.  If they have inherited their mom's looks, then they will keep oir area's future crop of lovely ladies thriving!  Thanks Lori for being out latest 103GBF Hometown Honey!  If you're a chick that has interest in being featured on our website, e-mail me at

All pics of Lori courtesy Marty Mc Bride.