It's my pleasure to present another local beauty for your eyes to behold. Meet Melissa! She's done quite a few photoshoots and even done some print ads as a model.

In her own words, Melissa's likes and dislikes;

I love...

  • cooking
  • family/friends
  • pink
  • boys
  • pretty hair
  • tennis
  • party's
  • shopping
  • fall festival food:)
  • mini road trips
  • outdoors
  • candy
  • fair
  • things that are colorful
  • mudding
  • fishing
  • and most of cell phone.

Pet peeves...

  • people stepping on the back of my flip flop
  • sitting in the movies and hearing someone eating
  • people who stare
  • chewing with mouth open
  • bad service at a restaraunt
  • when people don't clear the microwave numbers
  • people who mumble

Fair enough. Now, let's look at all the things we ' love' about Melissa!