I ask each 103GBF Hometown Honey a little bit about themselves so I can share it with you. Here's what beautiful Brandee had to say...

Where to start when I am telling others about who i am... I am a 30 yr old mom and full of life! I am very outgoing, don't believe i have ever met a stranger. I have been working for 9 yrs on a bridge crew. There are several jobs we do for example: lay pipe under roadways, driveway culverts, build storm boxes and repair them, storm drains, bridge work and repair, weedeat and spray around guardrail, drive snow plow trucks, etc... Prior to working as a laborer I worked in a office handling finances and customers. However, I love being active, so working out and about is more my speed. Speaking of speed, growing up my family got me into drag racing. I started at 11 in jr. dragster, and boy was that the start to the best rush ever!

On my 16 birthday my i went Frank Hawley Drag Racing School where i obatianed my racing license. That is when the best rush ever hit!! I was racing my pro-stock truck in the NHRA series, and that was AWESOME!!! :D My truck did a little over 200 mph in a quarter mile. Talk about a need for speed i had it pretty bad. When I was not racing i worked in the midways for my sponsors. I met alot of wonderful people, and some creepers...lol!

I started to have some medical issues that stopped me from racing for a time period. So tha was when i got a job with insurance, ugh... It wasn't racing, but i had to do what was necessary.

Since then I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter who lights up my world! My boyfriend also has 2 kids who i love as my own. I love modeling when the opportunity is available.

We're very glad you do model Brandee, believe me!